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    No actions available on ticket


      Hi everyone!

      I recently noticed that some of our Request tickets get stuck! What I mean by that, is that the actions that are normally available to users on a ticket...are not. The problem appears sporadically, therefore very hard to reproduce. We have LDSD version 2016.4.



      • What could be the cause? How can I fix that?
      • Is there a way to permanently delete to stuck Requests? They begin to pile up...


      Issue Overview


      The actions for a Request at status ''New'' looks like that:


      However, once in a while, I get Requests that have no actions available excepted for Attach Incident, which is an optional action instance for the status ''New'':






      I noticed that when it happens, it's always when an Incident, initially created by email, is transferred from one process to another: in my case Incident -> Request. The copied information are the Raise User, Title and Description. I also have a hidden checkbox that I set at true to differentiate Requests open from Incidents from regular Requests.


      Now, as soon as the Request is open, it becomes status ''New'' if open from an Incident. That is where problems start:

      1. Status New. (Optional action instance(s): Attach Incident)

      2. Precondition that verifies if the checkbox ''All Mandatory filled'' is true. The box becomes true when the attributes ''Category'' and ''Type' contain something. Here is the calculation:

      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Request):

      Value = false


      if (Request.Category.Title != null) and (Request._RequestType._Title != null):

      Value = true

      return Value


      3. Manual action linked to an assignation form

      4. Assignation

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          So if you look at the fields on a ”stuck” lifecycle, are the mandatory fields all filled OK though?


          It probably wont be the issue but i do notice in your calc that you are checking the Title field on both category and requesttype is not null; this is a tad unconventionally as you should test the object as whole is null.  Lose the title suffixes and just check the object itself ie “request.category != null“. Wondering if the calc is erroring because some are null.  Turn on calc diagnostic logging to check.




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            They are filled. And I have that checkbox I use that is true when the mandatory attributes have been completed.

            I made the change and did the calculations on objects as you suggested to see if those stuck Requests still happenned and they do :/

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              Mroche SupportEmployee

              This issue was caused by the calculation being set as a Window Calculation.  This caused the calculation to run correctly when the window was displayed but when Incidents were created by inbound mail the calculation did not run and the 'Mandatory Filled' pre-condition evaluated to false.  The resolution was to either make the calculation a 'Before Save' calculation or to replace the standard Condition called 'Mandatory Filled' with a calculation condition called 'Mandatory Filled' that has the calculation to check the Category and Request Type attributes are populated. The Calculation did need to be amended as correctly pointed out by JulianWigman above.

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                How did you suss this Martyn; did you get a copy of the DB to look at under a support case?