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    View provisioning history for media booted devices

    tlman12 Apprentice

      Is there a way to view the provisioning history for a device that is not yet an inventory item? Like if I setup a provisinoning scheduled task I can view current status of the process from within the console but if I PXE boot or boot with the iso boot media I can't find where to go to view status?


      I am using Windows Deployment Services to host the PXE WIM image and the devices I'm provisioning have never had an agent installed. I'm sure it gets reported somewhere I just have no clue where to look and i've looked at all the folders under "Convfiuration" in the Network View tree but it doesn't show up under any of them.


      Landesk Version is 2017.2

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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee

          Hey tlman12,


          When you boot a device into WinPE, the device will send a Mini-Scan to the core with a basic amount of data for the device. The identifier for this Mini-Scan is typically the NIC Address. See here:


          NIC Address.jpg


          You'll be able to get provisioning history here once you start a template. Once the device is provisioned and named, the Inventory Service will identify the duplicate ID and merge the two together.