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    < query not returning values correctly in 2017.1 IEM

    Speedway Rookie

      I am using IEM 2017.1 and creating a query to return a product version that is less than the newest one we are rolling out.

      i have the old version value of and new version value of


      when using the Attribute "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Version" i have to use the > to return


      is it possible that it is reading the version as an IP of and and that is why i have to use the >?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not really in the query tool itself.


          What you're seeing is the effect of "maths with strings". It's a SQL comparison / equation taking place here. It's not "real numbers" (that's the "annoyance" of such values).


          A SQL-person (DBA?) should be able to help out here and "fix" the math (in essence, I suspect, by breaking down the sections and doing the maths / comparison on the individual sections). But that'll be a SQL statement against the DB.


          The Console's Query tool is "simple SQL for people so they don't need to know SQL". But it comes with its limitations (such as unexpected results with maths against string-values).


          You could give your DBA a leg-up by giving him the "SQL as it is now", as it were - right-click on the query, and hit the INSPECT button. From the inspector window, you'll be able to copy the raw SQL query used to give you your current data (both columns and values).


          Would that help as a starting point (assuming you have access to a DBA / SQL-proficient person, and not merely a dabbler like me) .


          <And/or you use workarounds like you've found to explain to SQL a bit better the datastructure/values you're looking at >