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    Surface Pro 1 - SSD Drive is not Seen in WinPE

    tabascojoe Rookie

      I'm trying to image a Surface Pro 1 with Ivanti.

      When WinPE boots it cannot see the SSD drive in the Surface Pro.

      I verified this by going in to diskpart. Shows no disk found.


      I figured it was a missing drive controller, but the Surface Pro drivers do not include drivers for the controller.

      Another reason to why I don't think its a missing driver is when you image Windows 10 from an official ISO, the setup had no problem finding the drives (without installing a driver).

      After Windows 10 is installed using an ISO device manager does not report a custom driver for the ATA/ATAPI or Storage Controller. Just vanilla Microsoft drivers.


      My theory is one of the built in WinPE driver is causing issues. But without some work to remove drivers one by one its a difficult theory to prove.

      My WinPE image only has custom Network drivers, no storage controller drivers injected.

      Has anyone tried to image a Surface Pro 1 and had luck getting it to work?


      Surface Device.PNG