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    Query showing notes with attachments only

    Anita.Carr Apprentice

      Can anyone help me with some query advice please?

      Our end users, wanted to have all notes and attachments together in the same collection. A full History. So the system was changed so the Note collection now has the ability to add Multi attachments. A calculation has been added to the object to count the number of attachments so that this can be added to the notes collection on the window to identify clearly on the notes whether there is an attachment or not on the note. This all works.

      The end users now wish to have a collection on the window, that displays the notes that only have attachments. A quick look so to speak.

      Problem is that my Number of attachments attribute is an after read calculation so any query that is on this attribute returns 0 results.

      Any ideas how I can just show the attachment notes?

      Query Designer doesnt seem to let me to a query on the multi attachment attribute directly.

      We are working on 2016.0