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    Self Service Knowledge Link

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      Someone asked as an enhancement to Ivanti Service Manager the ability to get a link for Knowledgebase articles that can be used for Anonymous/Self Service users, similar to the current "Bookmark", but the "Bookmark" only work for non Self Service roles. I had the same need some time ago, so I implemented it myself, this is an explanation on how to get a similar button:


      • Create two new fields in the "FRS_Knowledge" Object (both to be: Text - variable - 200 characters):
        • KnowledgeLink
        • TempKbLink


      • Create an "Update Object" QuickAction:
        1. Update the "KnowledgeLink" field with the following command:
          • $("https://tenant_URL/Login.aspx?Scope=SelfService&Role=SelfService&CommandId=Open&Tab=Knowledge&SearchString=" +  KnowledgeNumber)
          • Check a working link to get the "tenant_URL" and manually change it, do not leave "tenant_URL" because there is no calculation to convert it.


        1. Update the "TempKbLink" field with the following command:
          • $(Prompt("Copy the Link and Cancel",   "",   1000,   25,   false,   false,   KnowledgeLink))
          • As the link is calculated every time, it does not matter if the user messes with it, next time you run the Quickaction it will be recalculated and will show the right info.


      That's it! The link it is a "Search" that looks for the Knowledge Article Number, as it is unique it will always only find that one.


      Personally, I added a button to the layout that will run the QuickAction, to get it besides the "Bookmarks" one:


      Hope this helps.