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    Software Distribution under Windows SteadyState


      I've been asked to make Landesk software deploys work under Windows SteadyState. Has anyone implemented this (or anything similar, such as DeepFreeze) in their environments? What tweaks did you need to get this to work?


      We are required to activate Disk Protection, so that users (by this I mean profiles set at User permission level) may not save any changes to their workstations. The administrator may save changes, but administrators are prompted to save when logging off.


      As it stands now, if Landesk deploys software while a user is logged in, the software does not persist after a reboot. If the administrator is logged in, the admin is prompted to save changes, and if they say No, the software is removed on reboot. If no one is logged in, the software is removed at reboot.


      Is there a way to deploy software with some set of switches that tell SteadyState: automatically save these changes?