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    Office Performance Issue

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      I am not sure where this document/information was was obtained as I'm unable to find it on this support site; but, I've been instructed to confirm that the issue has indeed been addressed in version 8.6 SP1 and above. 





      You find that a certain Personalised application/group runs slower when performing certain

      This issue is noticed either after upgrading your environment to EM 8.5+ or alternatively after
      configuring Personalization for the application/group.

      In the case of MS Office for example, you find the issue still persists after:

      1. Applying the Hotfix documented within this article: Office application performance when
      launching and saving documents
      2.  Applying the 8.5 Office Personalization Template settings available within the Console

      From further investigation you find that either:


      • The contention is identified within Process Monitor & EM FBR/PVC logging to be an area of the
      Registry that was originally included but subsequently excluded from Personalization; OR
      • The contention is identified within Process Monitor & EM FBR/PVC logging to be an area of the
      Registry that is captured by Personalization. However after configuring a Registry Exclusion for
      this Key, the problem still persists.

      To verify this problem is Registry specific, you disable RegistryVirtualization via the Advanced
      Setting below, and the issue does not persist.















      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AppSense\Environment Manager                                  


















      Value Name: RegistryVirtualization                                                                 




















      Value Type: REG_DWORD                                                                              






















      Value Data: 0                                                                                      

      (Appsense Service requires a restart before this setting takes effect)




























      Performance issues found in relation to Registry areas excluded from Personalization


      This issue can be caused by the now excluded Registry data within the File Based Registry [FBR]
      file still being referenced during excessive Registry enumeration by the Application.

      For example, this has been noticed particularly with Office 2013/365 which now includes extended
      functionality to connect to multiple Storage providers (Box/Sharepoint/Dropbox/OneDrive etc). With
      this functionality in place a host of session cache entries are created within the following























      You may therefore see a delay when clicking the File menu option within Office 2013/365

      Solution / Workaround
      Upgrading to EM 8.6 SP1 and above addresses the above symptoms, but if the issue is seen with
      Office 365 be aware of this solution where the following steps may be required to alleviate this
      problem by removing the excluded Registry data from your User's Personalization.

      In the above Office 2013/365 example this would mean:

      1.  Exclude both the Registry locations listed in the cause above
      2.  Configure ProfileCleanupDelayDays to remove the excluded data from Personalization

      Section 2 can be configured in EM 8.5+ as per the article below: Cleaning up previously captured
      data that is subsequently excluded

      NOTE: As stated in the referenced article, please ensure that all your EM Agents are at 8.5 SP1 HF7
      Level prior to configuring ProfileCleanUpDelayDays.
      Problem NumberProblem#11041See Problem for Internal Notes

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