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    Is it worth setting up the self service role with "New UI" or waiting until the full new UI is released?

    libby.White Apprentice

      We have recently implemented Ivanti Service Manager and are using the self service catalogue with the 'old' desktop UI rather than the self service new UI.  We wanted to use the new UI but were encouraged not to and to wait for the full new UI that was mentioned in the Ivanti Service Manager Roadmap delivered at the Ivanti Intercahnge17.


      In this post User Interface / Design Changes  also recent implementers have setup the "new UI", edited the standard layout, and tweaked the widgets and get some images going (thanks [email protected] !)  It seems that there is many organisations successfully using the new UI.


      Can anyone provide some information on whether it is worth investing setting up and using the self-service "new UI" or if we should wait until whole new UI is released covering the whole product?