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    Task sequence stops

    PhilsterUK Apprentice

      Hi there,


      I have created a task sequence to install Windows 10 and applications to our laptops.


      Initially Windows 10 Pro 1703 (Creators) was used and the task sequence completed.


      We decided we wanted to use Windows 10 Pro 1607 (Anniversary) instead.  So the ISO was downloaded and the WIM created.


      The original task sequence was duplicated and pointed to the new WIM.  Everything else was left the same.


      Now when the task sequence runs it deploys the OS and then upon the initial reboot it goes into Windows and instead of continuing with the sequence it stops and nothing happens.


      Can anyone offer any advice?





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What version (and patch level) of IEM are you on?


          This reminds me somewhat of an issue that was patched a while ago earlier this year (and yes, I know you've only changed the Windows side of things, but stranger things have happened) ... just one to eliminate or check up on against at any rate .

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            PhilsterUK Apprentice

            Hi there,


            Forgive my hesitance but I am new to Ivanti!


            When I look in the console it is Management Suite 2016.3.4, is this the info you needed?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              No problem with being new to this - everyeone needs to start somehwere .


              If you're in the console, click on HELP => ABOUT (this screenshot is from a 2017 Core, but you'll get essentially the same on your 2016 Core):


              With the new window that pops up, you then get an option for "More Info"... in the bottom right (your 2016 screen should be dark blue, not black):


              ... click on that, and then you get a screen similar to the following. Take a screenshot of that & drop it in this thread, and I'll confirm your version for you (here's an example of what roughly to expect):


              Based on your 2016.3.4 string, I'd expect you to be on 2016.3 (major release) with SU4 (service update 4) - but just want to make sure .

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                PhilsterUK Apprentice

                Hi again,


                Yep, that's where i got the info from:




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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  So in that case, you'll want to create a support ticket / contact support and request SU5 (I don't believe it's publicly released yet and still on focussed release - i.e. "as needed / upon request").


                  Specifically this line item in the readme has me thinking it may help you...


                  365253 During provisioning with baremetal a duplicate device is created so we lose the provisioning history.

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                    Peteski Apprentice



                    I'm on 2016.3 SU4 (just applied SU4) and get this specific behavior: When provisioning baremetal by MAC, everything works great. When using Serial number as the baremetal device identifier, it always leaves the baremetal device ("Agentless" DeviceID) in inventory and also creates a Landesk device with proper deviceID.


                    Overnight maintenance seems to remove the baremetal device but is this what you're referring to above re 36253 in SU5 (not released)?

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                      phoffmann SupportEmployee

                      Heyas, Peteski ,


                      One important, if minor correction - SU5 is not *publicly* released (yet) - but it is available upon request from support (essentially it's on limited release only intended for people who have an issue that is fixed in SU5. The purpose of limited releases (before releasing things to the public) is having an additional layer of "making sure nothing gets broken" as a just-in-case.


                      There are additional fixes around Provisioning (you can request the Readme from support as well) -- this may be of interest/affecting you if I read your descrtiption right:


                      376670 Provisioning devices from Bare Metal with Serial Number as the unique identifier may fail

                      • Fix an issue where bare metal records with serial numbers would not get approved certificates during the provisioning process.



                      There are several (11 by my count) fixes for Provisioning in that service update, so it may well be worth talking to support about it & requesting it if you've got either of the above problems.


                      Does that help / make sense?

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                        Peteski Apprentice

                        That make sense.


                        I was also hoping for clarification if you knew about whether the bare metal device remaining after a successful bare metal provisioning task was by design or a defect. Given it only happens when provisioning via bare metal, it would seem to be a defect.


                        I'll open a web case with support and run it by them and if SU5 addressrd it, I may give it a try. (my core is virtual, easy to snap back from a snapshot).



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                          phoffmann SupportEmployee

                          I don't know either way (not having seen the problem).


                          You're doing the right thing by checking with support - they'll be the best to know about any ocurring issues too .

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                            PhilsterUK Apprentice

                            Am still awaiting help from support on this, have sent logs and am hoping they can offer a solution (though the 7 hour time difference is causing havoc to be honest!).

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                              PhilsterUK Apprentice

                              I figured this one out finally, the issue was that my laptops have a built in OEM activation key.  If this is present then I gather that setupcomplete.cmd is skipped.  Hence the task sequence stops.


                              There is a workaround for this - see here: a


                              Issue: Provisioning on Windows 8 & 8.1 with an OEM license fails to continue after Configure Target OS action.


                              All is now working.

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                                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                                Interesting - thanks for posting the workaround / solution in here ... hopefully that'll help others .