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    Outlook 2013 Slowness  with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and EM 10.1HF1


      We are experiencing Outlook slowness for some of our users with Appsense Personalizations. Not all users are experiencing this issue, but the ones who do, Outlook is very slow to respond between emails (taking up to a minute or more to respond). Others are slow after startup, but Outlook runs ok after the initial startup delay.


      If we disable registry personalizations, Outlook runs just fine. We have also deleted only the Office registry personalization,only leaving the Windows personalizations and it still seems to be unresponsive.  If we remove the registry personalizaitons for Office and Windows, Outlook also runs just fine and the issue is fixed for the user and it seems to stay fixed.


      Has anyone seen this before and what would be the best method to isolate this issue?