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    Scheduled Inventory Scan of selected machines


      Hey All,


      I'm a basic user of the landesk managment suite, only used it for the first time yesterday.. and unfortunately even though its deployed in my company what ive learned in the last day has given me more of a knowlege of the sytem than anyone else in the office, and thats not much...


      One thing i cant figure out, im not even sure if its possible, is how to shedule a scan for a selected client computer or group of computers. I know its possible to schedule an inventory scan that will scan all the connected clients but because of reasons beyond my control i need to scan the computers at different times..


      Any help on this issue at all would be cool,




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          *IF* you know when you need to scan which device, then you can do this via several scheduled tasks.


          The "rough and ugly" instructions are:



          2 - Select "ALL SCRIPTS".

          3 - Right-click either the "Inventoryscanner" or the "Restore Client Records" script, and select "schedule" (the difference is that restore client records will send a /sync scan, but if you just want the normal inventory scan, the normal inventoryscanner script will do fine).


          4 - As you clicked on "Schedule", a scheduled task will be automatically created (with the name of the script). You may want to rename this to identify the devices that you want to scan, so as to help you administer the tasks in the future. For instance "Inventory scan -- accounting" or whatnot.


          5 - You can now either drag a list of devices into the task, or you can set up a query (active directory or landesk query) to have a group of devices, or you can even set up a static group (and you'd pull devices into this group, then pull the group name into the scheduled task).


          6 - Right-click the task and go into PROPERTIES. Once the new window opens up, check the "SCHEDULE TASK" section. (I suggest doing this AFTER you dragged your targets in, as you cannot start a task that doesn't have targets associated with it).


          NOTE -- if you're using queries / active directory queries, don't worry about the queries being "unresolved" at this point. Queries will get resolved when the task is started and then in regular intervals (by default 1 hr).


          7 - Select the option to "start later" and set the date/time you want. Also, you may want to set the task to repeat every day (or week, or whatever). which will also automatically set the "Schedule these devices:" option to "ALL" (which is what you want, since you want the successful + failed devices to be attempted each day).


          8 - when you're happy, just click "SAVE" and you're done.




          Generally, most configurations include at least one daily scan (it sounds like you took over the job from someone else, so aren't aware what the deployment was like. Is there any documentation for that?) ... so what's the need here for this, since devices should be scanning at the very least on startup ...?


          Is it just to ensure you have up to date information?


          You can use local scheduler to help you out here too, the above will "do the job" but is far from graceful (in particular since usually locally scheduled tasks are better with clients who have a flakey on-time).


          If you're "stuck as the admin" so to speak, I would strongly recommend that your management send you on a training course for LANDesk. It's a huge product, and really not something that can be "learned over a weekend "(as needs often must) ... this here is a band-aid, but no more.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            P.S.: I'd suggest changing your display name away from an e-mail address.


            It tends only to raise the interest of various spam-mail bots .


            Paul Hoffmann

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              Cheers, that worked a treat,