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    Create a query to show how many devices were image in a given time.

    JStevenson Apprentice

      Hi everyone.


      I am trying to write a query to return devices that were imaged in a given date range and I'm trying to find a good indicator in the inventory that I can run against.


      I thought Record Creation Date would be good but that doesn't account for a device being imaged, just when the record was created in Landesk.

      Then I thought about LANDESK Management - Agent Configuration Date but again that doesn't necessarily give a date for when the device was imaged (but it is better indicator).


      I can't do a query against scheduled Tasks (LANDESK Management - Scheduler - Tasks) because we tend to clean up old tasks otherwise we end up with thousands sitting there we don't need.


      Any ideas? There must be a field in here somewhere that gives this information or has anyone managed to find another way to get this information.


      Thanks in advance.