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    New Ivanti agent unable to connect to new core

    mwingeier Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I've got a Landesk 9.6SP2 server that I inherited, and I am bringing a 2017.3 system up in parallel.  I cloned the database and installed 2017.3, and now I am to the point where I am running a test system with an agent.  I created the new agent after making new definitions in the requisite places (client connectivity, inventory settings, etc) to point to the new server.  The agent installs, I can remote it and the system will send inventory data, but the security scan fails in a couple of places.  It fails on "Checking for updated settings" with "Failed: No response from core" and "Checking for updates on core XXXX", then in "Parsing Information" it says "Failed: Cannot interpret data".  Looking at the vulscan log, I have two errors: "Self-update failure: Core did not return requested file hashes" and "ERROR: Unable to get contents of file: "C:\programdata\vulscan\ReplicationBehavior_Replicator_11577.xml"

      I do not find that file in the vulscan directory and I don't know what process would create it, but I do find a lot of references to the old core, so I removed all the agents and definitions that imported from the old database and made a new agent from the default settings that pointed to the new definitions I created earlier.  I still have many references to the old server in the vulscan direcctory, but I don't know where they are coming from, or if they are even the problem.   Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.