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    Update Service Request status from email

    nschneider Rookie



      I currently have a Service Request setup to use a workflow to send a product order to a vendor via email. I'd like to have the associated service request's status update once a reply is sent back from the vendor.


      Any suggestions?

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          YMoual Specialist



          Let's assume that the associated service request status update when a vendor replies via mail is called "Vendor Feedback Received". Do the following:


          1. Create an update quick action in SR called "Set Status to Vendor Feedback Received" for example where

                  Status == Vendor Feedback Received

          2. Add a workflow in the Journal.Email object with the following blocks: Start block --> Switch block --> Run for child block --> Stop block

          - The trigger of the workflow should be as below:



          - Switch block: Check if the subject contains ServiceReq# (get the exact ServiceReq# in the subject of the notification which goes out to the vendor)



          - Run for child: in this block, select the right relationship between Journal and SR and select the update quick action which you created in (1). You can also set child filter conditions so that this quick action is only executed for SRs which are not in status Fulfilled or Closed. This will depend on what you want.


          Publish the workflow and test.


          When the vendor sends a mail to Ivanti SM with the subject line containing ServiceReq# 12345 for example, this workflow will trigger and execute the quick action in SR to update the status to Vendor Feedback Received.


          Hope it helps.

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            nschneider Rookie

            This worked great! Thanks for the great explanation.