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    MDM not activated

    HBGNB1110 Rookie



      we have installed MDM.

      But now I have checked the VM and it is just activated for trial.

      What happened here because it was fully licensed.

      How to licence my MDM appliance ?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          MDM licensing would be included as part of your regular license.


          If you only activated your VM for a trial (the 90 day thing) you should switch over and activate it with your credentials (username / password) given to you by the licensing team.


          A Core that has been activated "with a proper username/password" cannot go back to being a trial license, so I have to assume you've activated it as a trial system from the get-go.


          In the event of you having licensing issues with your proper license (i.e. "MDM licenses aren't appearing after I activate with my username / password), then that's a licensing issue & you can get in touch and/or the licensing folks to get that sorted out. I'd suggest starting with the support team though (they'll likely want/need your credentials to see the problem for themselves & can then work with licensing to get it fixed).


          Hope that helps?

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            HBGNB1110 Rookie

            MDM was activated fully.

            But now for some reason it is not activated and my login account to activate is not working.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Ohkay - that's more than a little strange.


              Definitely want to run that one by support. Maybe a license expired or some such? I'd assume it more than likely to be a licensing issue usually.


              Odd - I'll give it that .

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                HBGNB1110 Rookie

                ok for now I have activated trial.

                Now I want to add a mobile.

                But I get two messages on the mobile ->


                1. Download EULA

                2. REGISTRATION FAILED


                I have entered a domain user like DOMAIN\USER

                And I have used my externa link to the CSA.


                Can you help me out ?

                Why its failing now ? some month ago it was configured properly and working.

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                  HBGNB1110 Rookie

                  What is difference between these IVANTI agents for mobiles:


                  Ivanti Agent

                  Ivanti AE Agent

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                    carlos Expert

                    Well, there is a lot of information to go through before getting to the connected part, particularly if you are doing Apple or Android, I suggest you start on this thread https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-39855?et=watches.email.document_comment#comment-28145  from there you'll find a lot of problems and solutions and links to pretty much everything you need. If you get stuck after following the recommendations we'll be happy to help.