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    collect folder list in inventory

    ChrisLeung Apprentice



      I need a query to check the folder that contain "ALS* " in the folder name on all of the agents, is it possible to do it in LDMS?


      I have check the "Manage Software List" in the LDMS console, but it seems like collect file name rather than folder.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So what you're after would be custom data. Using Software License Monitoring is less useful for that.


          There's a variety of skinning that particular need.


          Option 1 - You create a Custom Vulnerability (see here -- How To: Create a Custom Vulnerability Definition in Patch and Compliance Manager ) that scans for your required directory name(s) and returns that stuff as a "yes I am vulnerable because I have that directory" (so to speak) result, with the added data being the paths, for instance).


          Option 2 - You COULD bring back that stuff as custom data. That would require a few things though:

          2.A - Requires you to write / run a script that checks for your "ALS" directories & outputs anything it finds as a result file or into the registry (for us to pick up). I'd suggest refining this to more than just "ALS*" since 3 characters is PRETTY easy to hit and cause you potential false positives.


          2.B - Since this would be 1:* (one to many) type data, you'll need to have tables modelled for that. That's a separate and somewhat technical body of work to be done for the DB (1:* data won't go into the default "random stuff people want to collect" table we've got set up for that purpose).


          2.C - You'd then run your script daily / weekly / at logon or whatever - have it "find" your directory & dump that into either a custom data file or the registry, and our inventory scanner would then pick it up & send that information on to the Core.


          Depending on what you're REALLY after (i.e. - what the full story is), other variations may work better for you as well.


          So yeah - it is all doable (done it for other customers) - but depending on what you're after precisely, it'll be a relatively short amount of work (the custom vul) or a longer bit of work (if you need to go via custom tables & such).

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            ChrisLeung Apprentice

            Hi Phoffmann,


            Thanks a lot, just follow the instruction to create a rule to detect the folders, but seem likes the detection method support file searching only rather than folder searching, Or am I missing some steps during setup?




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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              If you write your own custom script (in Powershell ,VB, whatever) then you can specify that you're looking for directories, and not files.


              The "default GUI engine" tends to operate on a principle of files and registry keys more than directories.


              Does that make more sense?

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                igs Apprentice

                Hi Phoffmann,


                Thanks a lot, I will go to option 2 then.