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    How to constrain a field?

    FatihaAhmad Apprentice

      How to constrain the contact group type in Customer and Partner field?


      In Incident, I have “Customer” and “Partner” fields and want to filter the contact group type that is equal to customer or partner and display only customer or partner list in that particular field.


      I also have “Customer & Partner” field, if I select one contact that belongs to customer and partner group type, is it possible to automatically populate in both group fields? How to do it?

      For your information, my contact group types are:

      1. Customer
      2. Partner
      3. Customer & Partner

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          DTurner Expert

          Hi Fatiha,


          You should be able to achieve the constraints using the 'Filter Expression' configuration on the form designer. E.g. <GroupType> == "Customer"

          I believe you could also create multiple relationships and add a specific constraint for each but I would say that is more convoluted.


          To assign a value on modification, create 2 editing rules; one for Customer, one for Partner. E.g. for the Customer field, If <GroupType> = CustomerPartner then Partner else Customer