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    Yes/No option on Task

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      I have a situation where an end user will log a request for a piece of kit, lets say a conference phone. The request workflow will the send it off to our professional services team as a task to check for stock at which point they will need to either confirm they have a conference phone in stock or declined due to no stock. If they decline I need a new task to be spawned which will go to our purchasing team to request a quote be approved and then purchased.


      How do we go about this as I cannot see how I can setup the workflow to accept a "No stock" option (In the green block) and then continue with the workflow ...  creating a new task for the next team. The task statuses limited so I cannot really use a "If" block here either as I could only use completed or cancelled to progress the workflow with an "If" which would also possibly cause more issues.


      Happy to clarify if more information is required.

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          What you could do is that, if the Pro Services team do not have the stock available, they will cancel the task. Cancelling the task means they do not have the stock available. A new task will then be created for the Purchasing team.


          You can include the cancellation reason notes entered by the Pro Services team when cancelling the task in the Task details for the Purchasing team so that they know why the previous task was cancelled and what they need to buy or do.


          Part of your workflow could look as below:



          Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

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            Another possible Solution is, to create two Fields on Task and Service Request to handle this.

            Field1 is a Boolean Field on Task to mark this specific Task, let's Name it "StockAvailable".

            Field2 is a Text Field on Task AND Service Request (validated Picklist with the values "yes" and "no"), let's name the Field "DecicionStockAvailable".


            Add Field2 to your Task Form, only visible if Field1 is true.

            Create a Business Rule that Update Field2 on Service Request if Field2 is changed on Task.

            Create a Business Rule that Field2 is mandatory beforce you can Close the Task. (in case of Field1 is true)


            Now, you can add an if-Block to your workflow. If DecicionStockAvailable = "yes" then create Task "Servicedesk", if it's "no", Create your other Tasks.

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              Or even more options:


              • Use an approval instead, if "Professional Services" approves it, that means there is stock, if they deny it, that means no stock, you can send the approval to the whole group and have the system "Approve" or Deny" as soon as "Any user" does:

              So anyone in the group could take care of it.

              • From there you just handle the exits:


              At least, that is how I would do it, with the benefit that Professional Services does not even need a role as the "Approvals" can be handled by "Self Service" roles, so, if this was the only time they would use HEAT, you would be saving licenses (Sorry Ivanti!), but even if they do need a non-SelfService role, I think that this way is easier to manage.


              Good luck.



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                I think the task creation steering for different tasks should be handled at the service request level, which is kind weird but should meet your needs.


                In your situation, when your PS team got a task, they just need to update a "reason" when they complete their task (InStock or NoStock), which ends the workflow execution regardless. This "reason" the team entered can trigger the workflow again to create a new task for a different team.



                To achieve this, you'll need to create a new field on service request BO to hold the "reason" and a business rule for triggering the workflow. Your workflow will need multiple "paths" for different tasks to be created. The business process (not necessary the workflow) continues flow until the request is fulfilled.


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