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    Internet Access!!

    cabutler5 Apprentice

      I have a strange intermittent problem with I.E and getting access to the internet and local Intranet. Our environment is XenDesktop 7.14.1 (SBC) on Windows Server 2008 using EM build 10.1.336.0.


      This does not affect all users and seems to be random,  as other users connected to the same server can access the internet/intranet.

      A user will log on and open I.E to be presented with 'this site cannot be reached' error and the only way to resolve to seems to be a reset of I.E, log off and back on to apply settings and its working.  We use a pac file to access the internet and all settings are present and correct at the time of the problem. I have removed all Appsense Data related to I.E with no success.


      We use EM to capture all user date related to I.E, and we have just migrated from version 8 to 10.1, so thinking there may be some corruption of data causing this issue - but coming up blank with possible reasons.


      If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I would be happy to hear them...

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          mattw SupportEmployee



          So if I understand PAC files correctly, they basically direct the browser to the required the Proxy Server and are in the form of a script file.  Now if you are Personalizing IE then all settings should be applied correctly, any corruption of the data I would expect to lead to the URL to the PAC file being removed from the local browser.  If this is correct in all instances and IE is using the settings (Should be able to confirm that with Procmon (or via something like Fiddler/Wireshark)).  It then points to the PAC file itself (the script processing) or possibly the subsequent proxy servers themselves.


          If you are noticing intermittent Personalization of IE with the URL to the PAC file, then its probably worth progressing with Support as there are a lot of variables with regards to Environment Manager configuration, which will need isolating.





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            cabutler5 Apprentice

            Hi Matt, thanks for you reply. I have logged an incident to get this looked into, once I have an answer I will post back here!