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    Inclusion and Exclusion of Files and Folders


      Dear all,

      I have followed this article Application Group Inclusions and Exclusions about manual and automatic inclusions and exclusions of Registries, Folders or Files.

      The automatic via Data Collection seems to be working fine, but the manual is simply not possible since 'include' section is not present in the Application Group Settings.

      I can still add 'Managed Folders', but I wish to be able to specify specific file or folder for the personalization.


      This is happening only when connected via Remote Console to the Personalization Server.
      Connected Remotely from the Management Server to the Personalization Server - Include is entirely missing from the options. ONLY for Files and Folders:

      Include Missingpng.png

      Connected Locally from the Personalization Server:

      Include Present.png


      It's a silly question, but wondering, if this is happening only with me.


      Best regards,