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    remove network share from scan

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      We are on Ivanti Endpoint Management 2017.1. What I am trying to find out and understand is why when a Full Sync scan is initiated on the desktops, the agents from the PCs are communicating\reaching out to a network share where any of our primary software is installed from. Our company uses powershell scripts that when ran go to a network share to install the media from. The problem is that when we initiate a Full Sync scan on several machines we get notified immediately by our Network dept indicating that the install share is getting a lot of network traffic. This causes bandwidth issues with some of our satellite sites where bandwith is limited. The Server and Network folks all see traffic from the agents on the PCs talking to the network share. They initially assumed we were doing a massive distribution install but in all our cases we are not. Only Full Sync scan were initiated.


      I would like to know what Agent setting or config defines this and to also find out if there is a way to exclude the network install share from being communicated during a Full Sync scan? If the network install share is somehow excluded what are the repercussions if any? I am hoping to find a global setting that can prevent this.

      I took a copy of one of the .scn files from ldscan and opened it up in Notepad and I see lines and lines of unc path entries of all the software that is installed on that machine, from the network install share.

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          This is a known issue resolved in 2016.3 SU4 and 2017.1 SU1. Fixing it does require updating the agent.


          For your reference, the defect # for this is 402828.


          With regards to an agent setting, this is due to software monitoring also tracking files executed from a network drive. This then tells the inventory scanner it should go scan those. You can stop this by turning off software monitoring in your agent inventory settings, and disabling the software monitoring service on the agents. However, that's a pretty nuclear option, and will result in your software usage counts being wrong. Your best bet is to update the Core and then update your agents.


          The current SU for 2017.1 is SU2, which also contains the fix.