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    New Logo missing for all Roles, except Admin - Cannot update Self-service logo

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      I have updated our logo and can only see it when the user role is Administrator. The file came from my local PC. Do I need to save it on the server?


      We see a blank space where the icon should appear.


      I also do not see a Self-service Change Logo option in 2017.2 despite following Help:


      Changing the Logo on the Self-Service Portal

      To add a logo to the Self-Service Portal, do the following:

      1.  From the Configuration Console, click Configure > User and Permissions > Roles and Permissions.

      2.  Click Self Service.

      3.  Click Change Logo. (Why do I not see this option?)

      4.  Navigate to a logo file and click Open to attach it.