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    Upgrade Advise- DesktopNow 10.0 to 10.1 FR3

    Eddie.Santana Apprentice

      I am planning an upgrade from 10.0.5 to 10.1.FR3. I read through the Upgrade article Appsense DesktopNow 10.1 Install and Configure Guide

      Looking for Tips and Tools I can use for this upgrade.

      See Screenshot below for Topology.

      In a nutshell I have 2 Servers with the Complete DesktopNow Suite on it. The Databases are on the same 2014 SQL Server. SQL is Mirrored to the another SQL. It is Not AlwaysOn setup.



      What other Preps/Review?

      What is the best order to stop agents/servers/services to begin upgrade?

      What is the best order to Start agents/servers/services post upgrade?

      What should I do on the 2014 SQL side before/after upgrade? (We use mirroring)

      Post upgrade Check points?


      This is our Topology

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          This should be a pretty simple upgrade. You already have SQL backups but a final backup would be good. Snapshot your two AppSense servers. Run the installer to upgrade the suite on one of the servers. During this time that server will go offline and users will fail to the other server. Once the upgrade is completed you will need to upgrade the schema of the databases using the Server Configuration Portal. Once this is done from the first server it will come online and the second will go offline due to a schema mismatch. Upgrade the components on the second server.


          Once all that is done you can upgrade configs and agents at your leisure.


          Page 62 and also 79 on of the Install and Configure Guide cover this in detail.



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            Thanks for the info.


            I've performed these steps in our environment which is basically the same set-up as mentioned above.

            However during the DB upgrade I get upgrade successful but when I reopen the server configuration portal it request to upgrade again.


            When I open the management console I get an error that the schema version is still the old version.


            When I look at the details of the DB upgrade I see 2 things that need to happen:


            • 10.2.0 Existing Database
            • 13.2.0 Server Configuration SQL component upgrade required


            Is there something I should do more? Do I have to upgrade the SQL component separated.