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    Health dashboard confirming/deleting alert




      Im new in managing our Landesk in our company and I'm really newby in this. I whould need help with Acnowledge alert. I'm trying to confirm these errors, because I know I already fix them, but Im unable to do so, because button is for not possible to use. Im attaching screenshot, what could give you more info. Also, when Im raising this question, is possible to basically delete all these logs to start logging again ?


      Acknowledge alert.JPG


      Thanks for help !

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          So I did encounter with this screen on page with monitoring. Is that mean I might don't have enough privileges to acknowledge that errors ?Acknowledge alert.JPG

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Can you check your rights / poke your admin to check your rights in LDMS / IEM for you?



            Above is a screenshot of a section of the "LANDesk Administrator" role (for display purposes of what I'm talking about for the most part). What I suspect is the case is that whatever role you have, is allowed to VIEW alerts, but not actually do anything else.


            If that's the case, it should be just a case of adding the relevant right to you and you should be golden.


            Does that make sense / give you enough to look at stuff, or do you need more?