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    Digitial Services Request form (Printing) - Large files/numerous attachments

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Looking for ideas on this latest challenge...


      Digital Services handles duplicating, large print jobs, Trial binder creation, CD/DVD burns, Memory stick burns, etc. This is similar to the OOTB Printing Service Request


      However, the files in these requests can be numerous and/or large, too large to attach to a Service Request (SR). We also must delete the files after 30 days.


      Has anyone tackled something like this?


      I'm thinking a Self-Service SR process like this:

      1) SR takes in the request specifics, double sided, collate, make 5 memory stick copies, etc. (Again like the Print Request OOTB)

      2) SR form provides a URL that points to a network share

      3) ?Somehow? the network share has a folder that is named with the SR number

      4) User opens the form and completes the dialog boxes

      5) User clicks the folder url and is taken to folder on the network share.

      6) User drags in the files for processing

      7) User submits the SR

      8) Workflows kick off creating the SR and tasks for the Digital Services team.

      9) User is notified per normal channels of status and completion.

      10) Other software would wipe files older than 30 days from the share.


      Open to ideas and suggestions here. Can I have the SR form call powershell to create a folder?


      *We might want to restrict folder access on the share to the login id of the person submitting the SR. (But let's not make this too difficult to start.)


      I will gladly share what we eventually come up with. I just need a nudge. Thanks!