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    Application Control (10.1) is causing issues when launching an thinapp application

    Jelle.Vandekamp Rookie

      Hi Guys,


      Right now we're in the middle of our upgrade to version 10.1, while testing we ran into an issue with a thinapped application where if you launch the application you get the follow error message.


      When I disable the Appsense application manager Agent, and start the application again, everything runs fine. When disabling AAC, it works fine as well. A colleague of mine contact support and they gave the following apphook exclusions, which we have added, but it still doesnt work.

      In our production environment, with version 8.5 agents and configs everything works fine (without hooks). Worth to mention also is when running this app directly (no thinapp), it works perfectly fine, only when launching via Thinapp the app crashes.


      While we we're waiting for support, I wanted to post this here to see if you guys have any idea. Because i don't really have a clue atm where to look for.

      Thanks, any info or help is much appreciated.