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    How can I publish service to the company with all child groups

    Sergey-L Apprentice


      I have a large enterprise with approximately 15 top level companies and several hundreds departments. All companies are the Company groups in the Service Desk. All Departments are the Customer groups with several levels of the hierarchy.

      Every End Users is included to one Customer's group only (this group is current group and primary group of the user). The top level group of the user is Company group.

      I need to publish some Services for some company and for all child groups of this company.

      How can I do this?

      If I publish the service to the company group nobody see this service because the users are not included directly to the company group and this group is not a current group of the user.

      If I need to publish the service to all child groups of some company it is large amount of work. The structure of the groups is continuously changing. It is additional problem with administration.


      I see that I can to create roles – one role for one company and to publish services to the roles. Then I can include users to the roles by request (using the top level group as criteria). But I need to support actuality of roles membership manually or I need to create some scripts to do this past import of users.

      Have anybody better solution?

      I think that it is a good idea to have abilities to publish Services directly to the Company group and automatically grand all child group access to this service in the catalogue..

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          If you are going to create roles and add users to this then why not just add Users to the Company group anyway and publish to those Company groups.


          So have you got Departments (Customers) across companies, ie you have SALES and holds multiple customer users or do you have SALES (CO 1), SALES (CO 2) etc, ie one per customer.  Departments can be linked to cost centres etc or other company specific info.


          If you do have separate customers then you can public to them directly.


          I normally have a trigger on the DB that as the Primary Group field is set (normally with Company name) it also adds to the group as well.



          MarXtar L

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            Sergey-L Apprentice

            Hello Julian.

            Thank you very much for your answer!

            I have a large structure with hierarchy of departments. For examle: Company1\Department1\Subdepartment1\... and so on\DepartmentN\User1, Company2\....\DepartmentM\UserK/

            I use this structure for KPI (incidents from department), for automatic incident assignment, for SLM, for Knowledge Domains, for cost centers and so on.

            As result I can not use the Company as current group or as the primary group of the user.

            But as I understand it is enough to include the user to the company group and this user can see the services of this company. Unfortunately in the documentation there is no detailed description: for what group is service shall be published:

            - for any group that the user is a member

            - for user's current group

            - or/and for user's primary group


            Unfortunately in any case the tSQL script is needed.