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    Profile Migration from one PC to another


      Before I keep going down what is starting to seem like a wild goose chase --


      Is it possible to create a Windows profile (let's call it Editor), configured to a certain set of parameters, export this profile with Landesk and deploy this profile to all of our workstations?


      Everything I have read or tried so far with profile migration is machine-specific. Editor profile from Machine1 only gets deployed back to Machine1. No matter if I use the OS deployment tool (which is not what I want anyway, since it deploys ALL profiles, not just Editor), or if I use the stand-alone exe, which I can choose the profile. But only if that profile already exists. Catch 22 there.


      What am I missing? Does this tool not DO what I need?


      Has anyone used this tool to create one universal profile set up exactly the same for all their PCs, or a group of PCs?