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    font query issue


      Hi Team,


      We are unable to create a query for fonts. we tried from software >fonts > fonts name, but query returned no results.


      please let us know any fix for this issue,


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          cjensen SupportEmployee



          From what I can see no font information exists for my devices within the Software > Fonts attribute. Without any data, the query will not work. Are you seeing that your devices are in fact gathering this data and listing it within the device's inventory record?

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Yeah - I believe people stopped caring about fonts a long time ago, and this is essentially a historical DB artifact from that era (nowadays, it'd be mostly filling the DB with information 99% of folks don't really need, and would cause some potential DB bloat).


            What is it you're trying to achieve (what's your end-goal - and why) in regards to fonts? Can't really think of any IT'ish issues since the early 2000's I've run into to do with Fonts, so am quite curious now (Plus, if we know what you're after, we can probably give you advice on how to get there).

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              The Software - Fonts attribute is used by OSX inventory which by default inventories Fonts; Windows Inventory doesn't.


              You could use the Manage Software capabilities to scan for specific files, or extentions (like *.ttf), but they would appear in Software - Packages




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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Yeah - but specifically grabing *ALL* of the fonts on *ALL* of the Windows boxes is the sort of DB bloat that I was hoping to prevent.


                It's an option (in case that font stuff is actually super important to you guys).


                This is why I was asking for more details / the "actual aim" & reasons why.


                No point in buying a whole cow (data-wise) if all you're after is a single glass of milk (1 font) that could be handled via a custom vulnerability or so.


                All depends on what the context is / what the OP is after (and why) .