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    Error 1619 on 64 bit systems

    Lifetime75 Rookie

      I have been trying to create a distribution package for Aurora Keyscan v1.0.15. I did a package bundle with a package for the exe, a package for a vbs script that copies the installer to the downloads folder, and a Windows Action package that copies an XML file to a location in  ProgramData. When I run the package on a 32 bit OS, it installs perfectly from the Portal Manager. However, when I try to run the same Package on a 64 bit OS, I get "Unknown Status Code 0x653,0:1619" Return code 1619. According to the software vendor, it should be compatible on 32 or 64 bit operating systems. At the same time, if I use run as and provide an administrator user name and password under accounts in the package settings, I do not get the 1619 error, but the package does not install either. All I get is a running setup.exe in task manager but no installation actually occurs. Anyone have any insights as to why this is happening?

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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee



          Are you able to install this software manually on these 64 bit systems? When we run packages remotely from the core, we run the with no interaction as its all hidden in the background. Its possible some erroneous prompt is coming up on the 64 bit install that is waiting for a user response but due to the nature of how its run, that prompt never shows up visibly.


          I would attempt to run the package manually in the same method that you're having IEM run it and observe the behavior with interactivity present.





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            Lifetime75 Rookie

            We can install it manually on 64 bit systems with no issues. I was finally able to distribute successfully though our portal manager by removing the MSI that was wrapped in the EXE. I created a package for the MSI, and removed the exe package and it works great on either 64 or 32 bit operating systems.