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    "Notify Owner" Quick Action not found in Incident#

    mbath61 Apprentice


      I am trying to troubleshoot this error for something I didn’t develop


      The error references the “Notify Owner” Quick Action apparently in the Incident Business Object, but we can’t find it there.


      The action is triggered by adding a note to the Incident and is part of a solution to highlight in the list Incidents that have been updated by other than Owner and Internal Services i.e. when a customer mails in on an existing ticket. But it is failing due to entering the Active Directory account that the application uses rather than the email address of the owner. Simple enough fix if we could find the action. We also looked in Journal, Notes, Activity History objects with no success.


      It almost seems as if the Quick Action has been deleted, but then I don’t think we would get such a specific error.


      Any ideas, folks?