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    how to auto install application after enrollement by DEP

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      1- We want to automatically have enterprise applications installed on iOS devices without intervention from the console.
      When devices and newly enrolled, it takes policy Wifi and passcode automatically, but for applications, we need to manually restart a scheduled tasks or wait 1 days (redundant planning)

      what soluce to make this ?

      iem ldmo1.jpg



      iem ldmo2.jpg


      iem ldmo3.jpg

      2 - In addition, how to make the device to roll by DEP arrive in the different groups (declaration on Apple DEP of several group to manage several company subsidiary)



      Thank you

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hey JBataller,


          As long as your MDM query is pulling in all devices that you want to have the application pushed to, you should be able to make some simple adjustments to your task. Under the properties of the task, you should see Schedule Task. Under there, select Start Now and make it repeat every hour. Change the Schedule these Devices: to Devices that did not try to run the task. I would leave Frequency under Task Settings as Run Once.


          What this will do is every hour it will resolve that query and any new devices that have not ran this task yet will then run it. If there are no new devices, then the task won't run.


          During DEP enrollment, You should be prompted for credentials and that is where you should be given an option to enter a group name. There is no automatic process for this.


          Please let me know if you have any other questions.




          Chris Casity

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            jbataller Apprentice

            Hello Chris;


            thanks for your sugestions.


            I'Hav tested this, and it's OK for application deployement.


            The technicians who are preparing iDevices will leave devices for a maximum of 1 hour to check that the correct policy applies.


            For Webclip, I will try to use the IOS configuration and the same recurring patch settings every hour.


            The enrollement for some Groups connected to the DEP would be very appreciated in futur


            iem mobile1.jpg


            IEM mobile 2.jpg


            IEM Mobile configuration.jpg


            thank for any future development, we wish to switch from AOD Avalanche to this solution in the future, but we miss some ink equivalent functions.