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    CI - Inventory management - Scanner - Receive New Equipment

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day!


      We are looking for a way to scan in a batch of newly delivered computers in our workstation CI. These would be still in the box so no connectivity with the network, no SCCM data. They would then be assigned/check-out to individuals when requested. Once on the network SCCM would update additional parameters.


      For example:

      1. 30 computers delivered.
      2. Scan and add to Workstation CI (Order is now accounted for, CI Status = "Inventory")
      3. Computers sit in the cabinet until they are needed. (At that time they are imaged and the SCCM agent added)
      4. Computer is assigned/checked-out to a user. (CI link with Employee)
      5. SCCM would gather "in use" data and populate other fields in the CI.


      Has anyone worked out a bulk scanning screen? I think this needs to loop, accepting barcodes and adding CI's, scan after scan, until someone clicks Stop.


      *Eventually we want to do this with monitors, mobile devices, printers and other equipment.


      Thanks and will share anything I can figure out.