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    Measuring first line handling of Self Service calls

    DipeshLBH Apprentice

      Hi all,


      Does anyone have any good ideas, on how to measure first line handling of Self Service calls please?


      We have a challenge with our Service Desk analysts who are reluctant to pickup Self Service calls which once triaged, are then immediately assigned to other teams. So they don't get any 'credit' for logging/resolving.


      We'd like to measure their involvement...has anyone done so via measuring assignments or other ways?


      Many thanks

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          So just to be clear:

          • You mention "Logging" above but obviously they wont be logging them if raised via Self Service.
          • So the Service Desk Support Group are triaging them and assigning them to other Support (Resolver) Groups as part of the triaging?
          • The Service Desk Group are then monitoring across all tickets assigned to other groups then and trying to resolve?


          I've seen customers monitor notes to indicate how other groups have interacted with an Incident and you also obviously have the resolver identified that you could query on the Resolution collection. 


          Why not put the Resolver Group and User on the main window and set via BEFORESAVE calculations and then you can easily query later in the stats. Make it a dynamic window too so these fields don't show under the Incident is at Completion (Resolved) or End (Closed) statuses. Maybe have a checkbox on the main window too that is set by calculation and named appropriately and which ticks if the Current Assigned Group IS NOT Service Desk and the Resolver Group IS Service Desk (easy calculation do do) as that then gives you a "how many Incidents did the Service Desk Team fix outside of their directly focussed workload); hey turn on some "Gamification" to report per Analyst on how many ticks each Analyst got a month and award a small prize (you know typically thing like they can take Saturday off and Christmas day!! :0)).



          MarXtar Ltd

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            DipeshLBH Apprentice

            Hey Julian,


            Many thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delayed reply! Memory like a fish...


            Your first two assumptions are correct, but to be honest the Service Desk rarely resolve a call once it's been assigned to another group as part of triaging (your third assumption). This might change soon, but it's not reality yet.


            We'll certainly look at your ideas (thank you!) - notes is something we've looked at before, but it rarely tends to give us a good picture. Given our Service Desk rarely resolve anything logged via Self Service that's then assigned to a different team, any thoughts on how we might measure their work (beyond assignment length which wouldn't be accurate anyway, as Analysts don't take ownership when they should) would be much appreciated.


            I do like the idea of introducing 'gamification' to help us in this too - something that's not quite so formal could be a help in motivating the agents so I'll defo. bring that up too...but being public sector, we're lucky if we get to leave the office at 6pm on Christmas Eve!


            Thanks again

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Maybe you should setup OLA’s for the other teams and email the Service Desk team as the OLA escalation points are reached. This would NAG the Service Desk staff if Incidents assigned to other groups are not being handled in a timely manner (assuming they dont filter out via mailbox rules). Maybe also notify the Service Desk Manager under these escalations so that they can police the Service Desk team as well.


              I’ve also seen setups where the Incident remains assigned to the Service Desk (so overall ownership is unequivocal) and then the other resolver teams are assigned via a TASK which is linked to an OLA.



              MarXtar Ltd