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    Getting a Query to display the values assigned to an attribute instead of the numerical option.


      Good afternoon,


      I have setup a new attribute under the Incident Business Object to flag when a particular incident has had it's severity downgraded so that, when logging a severity 1 ticket, if the ticket is later downgraded to a severity 2 incident, then it will still show on weekly reports that are run. My problem is that when I setup the business attribute, I set it up as an Int16 with two options (0; No and 1; Yes). I did try a boolean option but this didn't function on the window, the drop-down menu was simply greyed out. When searching for the attribute it all works fine and the query works fine in all ways but one: when including the attribute in the filtered attributes it displays the output as 0 or 1. Is there a way to force the query to display the attribute value as Yes/No as I have it setup in the Attribute?


      I have included a screenshot of the issue, the last ticket in the list is the test ticket, the query displays the Severity Downgraded column as a 0 when I want it displayed as No (or yes should that option be chosen).


      Any assistance that can be provided in this matter would be appreciated,


      Many Thanks,


      Tony Mitchell