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    Display Quick Action/Button based on Group membership?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      I am looking for a way to hide/display a Quick Action based on Group membership instead of Role.



      • We want all of IT to be able to create and edit Knowledge articles.
      • Only the Knowledge Approval Board (group) or perhaps another group can Publish.
      • Our teams are our company structure so I can't make a new team and use "CurrentUserInTeam".
      • I must create a new role to restrict the Publishing QA.
      • I am also trying to convince management to let the Approval also Publish the article.


      Is there something like "CurrentUserInGroup" so I could simply hide the Button/QA instead of the maintenance hassles of creating/maintaining another role just to Publish.


      Thanks for any creative suggestions you might have!?



      Ok, so expecting no easy way to do this I created an enhancement request for a new expression function: CurrentUserInGroup. Please take a look and vote if you think it would be useful. Thanks!