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    Merge Environment Manager Layers


      Hi All,


      I have been experimenting with layers in Environment Manager 8.6 and was wondering if there is a way of performing a true merge rather than merging in parallel as this leaves me with multiple nodes with the same name.


      Is it possible to merge nodes in the same way that folders would be merged in Windows Explorer ?


      Thanks in advance



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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          Short answer, no.


          Honestly I would avoid the layered configs if possible. The problem is basically having to QA a config and check it thoroughly for anything that may have been in one config or the other as well as any conflicts. Say one config sets a GPO to false and the other to true. Which wins? You have to watch for race conditions, take into account threading, conflicting settings, etc. It might not be an issue with a small and lean config but as it grows over time it will be more of an issue.



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            randyb1 SupportEmployee

            Layers work nicely for delegating portions of the config to different teams.  For example:


            • Base config: All global settings
              • Layer #1:  Workstation policies
              • Layer #2:  Citrix policies


            But, as Landon states, this can definitely lead to inconsistencies in the environment.


            To answer your question: no, the nodes from a layer will create a separate node within the original; they will not merge into the same node.  This is by design, as you would not want this to happen.  You wouldn't be able to tell which layer the pieces came from.

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              Thanks Landon though it's not the answer I was looking for !


              To explain, we use templates to add config for a change or new app and as we can have multiple templates to import into different nodes, I have managed to come up with a way to build a layer, using PowerShell, from the template files and wanted to add this layer to an existing package as I understand there is no way of directly working on an existing package.


              Back to the drawing board I guess (or right click, import, many times !)