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    Scheduled Inventory Scans by Scope

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      Hi.  I've been roaming (searching) for answers as to why when I select a scope or a device group under TARGETS when attempting to schedule an inventory scan that after I click SAVE the results showing in all devices is UNKNOWN.  If I select a single PC, it shows up.  Am I doing something silly?  2017.3 here... Thanks.



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          This is because when a query or scope is used as a scheduled task target, the results are resolved at the time of the task starting.


          This is because you might target a scope for a recurring task, for example, and then add computers to that scope later. If we preemptively resolved machines, instead of resolving it at the time the task runs, then those added machines wouldn't be added because the target list would have been built before that.


          So, we won't know what machines to target until we resolve the scope, and we don't resolve the scope until the task is kicked off. So until then, it's "Unknown".

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            Oh, that does make sense.  Thank you for your quick response!