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    Trouble with Provisioning when computer is locked

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      I am hoping someone here might have some ideas on how to get around this. While we use many of the LD features, Provisioning is new to me.


      LD-88 SP2


      We are trying to use Provisioning to chain together several items some which require reboots, the issue I am having is, if the computer is "locked" in use the reboot command available in Provisioning (System Configuration) will not reboot the computer.



      No problem I thought, I will use shutdown.exe with a force close or psshutdown with a force close.  What happens if I use those, it appears the force close of all applications must kill ldprovision, because after the reboot ldprovision does not restart and continue.



      A work around I can do is to send out a separate job to schedule a reboot at a certain time using psshutdown, but we have several cores and other tech's running them and I would like to get an "all in one" package to do this.



      This is basiclly the routine I am trying to run:


      1. Reboot the computer (needed to ensure certain files / applications not in use during next steps)

      2. Deploy Software Dist. Pkg (this will uninstall older version of item 4, must reboot afterwards)

      3. Reboot

      4. Deploy Software Dist. Pkg

      5. Deploy Software Dist. Pkg

      6. Deploy Software Dist. Pkg

      7 Reboot


      Item 1 is where I need to reboot the system and find it is often times locked and it fails.


      Thanks in advance