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    Windows Logo Testing




      We are currently trying to create a hardware independent image for our Dell optiplex 620's, 745's and 755's.  The image works for the 620's and 755's but the 745's fail when setup installs the devices from c:\drivers.


      The error is they are not "Windows Logo Tested", this wouldn't be too bad if the mouse and keyboard worked.


      Has any one come across this?


      We are currently using LanDesk 8.7 SP5.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Hi Michael --


          What it sounds like you are encountering is an issue with the drivers being unsigned or not part of the WHQL. There are two things to do here:


          1- When setting up your base system before capturing your hardware independent image, be sure to turn off driver signing options. This is found in your system properties under the hardware tab. select the driver signing button and tell it to 'IGNORE'.  I've attached a pair of screenshots.  This should get you through the first issue.


          2- The issue with your keyboard I presume to be due to the fact that they are USB?  Windows doesn't load any USB HIDs (Human Interface Devices) during the mini setup process.  If you connect PS2 Keyboards and mice it will work fine and you'll be able to access the systems. A better alternative is to add these lines to your sysprep.inf on the base system BEFORE you run sysprep to reseal the image.  Add it to the beginning of the sysprepmassstorage section.  it's the drivers for the USB keyboard and mouse, which, since they're being loaded at the same time as hard disk controllers, will be available during mini setup --









          That should do the trick for both of your issues.  Hope this helps!

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            Hello David,


            Thank you for your speedy reply.


            I can confirm the driver signing options have been turned off before image capture.



            As for the second point, the optiplex's we currently use only have USB ports.



            However, I will try changing the sysprep.inf file and recapture the image as soon as I get back to work on Tuesday.



            Again, thanks for your help!



            Best regards,



            Michael Raye.

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              I've had the same problem. I'm not sure exactly what changed when or why, but setting the driver signing options in the control panel to ignore no longer seems to do what it used to do. I'm sure it still an effect in other situations, but it no longer stops mini-setup complaining about unsighed drivers. Here's what you do instead: add these 2 lines to the unattended section of sysprep.inf:





              Of course, in the case of OSD, the sysprep.inf in your image is going to be overwritten, so it doesn't help if you have these lines in the sysprep.inf that's in your image. The place to put these lines is in your "sysprep.inf template".

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                Hello David,


                This was extremely helpful, thank you.


                Unfortunately, we are hoping to roll this out at night when no one is around.


                Jan has provided a way to remove all interaction, alas when the setup is complete none of the drivers are picked up; but this is a topic for another discussion.


                Again thank you for you help.


                Best regards,



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                  Hello Jan,


                  Thank you for your answer, it completly removed all of the driver signing message boxes.


                  The setup managed to finish, but I am left with another problem.


                  The drivers were not installed in the setup, probably because we download all drivers for all three machines; but this is a seperate issue and I will search the community discussions before posting.


                  Again thank you for your help.


                  Best regards,



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                    Mini-setup doesn't install any drivers? Have a look at the pic below. In earlier versions of sysprep, that checkbox was labeled differently - rediscover hardware or something to that effect - and you would probably have checked it without thinking. The way it is labeled now, you tend to think no don't need that, I don't have non-PnP hardware.