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    Multimedia files and associated software


      OK, I hate to make a post for this but you'se folks might have an easier way because you may have done this before.  This *IS* one of the selling factors of LDMS, isnt it? I have to become the software police. I already have a query for all multimedia files over 5000MB.  This should be a good start.  You get what I mean.  Now I would like to determine the top 10 offenders - OR - the top 10 most "non-standard" software installs. So..  Other than just going off the top of my head with iTunes, et.al., does anyone else have any experience in this and had to do this before?  Do you have any XML queries you can help me out with? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Rich

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          This really depends on your shop. The  top 10 offenders for every shop will be different. My shop may permit Itunes yours may nor scenario. Also, the term offender may be differnet in each shop. Is an offense licensing, standardization, or X app is causing issues?  I've asked for this in the the new SLM, sort of a definable naughty and nice list. We will see if it makes it in.


          • So you will have to start and define your list of apps that you want to track
          • Define them in SLM
          • Create a query that looks for all these apps.
          • Probably need to export it to excel and massage it - grouping with count.


          There may be a way to do this in SLM but I find it too difficult to manage and just use queries for reporting.