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    Android for work MDM

    carlos Expert

      Running EPM 2017.3

      Hello, I'm trying to implement MDM for Android, I was able (more or less) to add Android devices via the Ivanti App.

      Apple devices are automatically added via DEP (which works well)

      I need some guidance regarding how to implement Android for work, I found this link https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-42922#comment-28391 but I do not clearly understand what the process is, and I have the following questions:


      1. What is the document referring to by "Host Device"? Is this the device that we want to manage? ex. My Android Phone?

      2. The AFW NFC  app, Is this the name of ap app in the Google Play Store? I searched for it and only could find Verizon AFW NFC Provisioner and cloud4mobile - NFC App (both look like they are not from IVANTI, what app is this doc referring to?

      3. I was able to complete the IOS DEP and at this point pretty much any new apple device gets automatically enrolled when first starts, Are these the instructions the equivalent for Android, or is there a system/implementation/instructions for Android equivalent to apple's DEP?


      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you.