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    Prompt to fill in Comments field on Feedback

    sleahy Rookie

      Another simple question i'm struggling to put together. We have a Command button on the Issue Resolution Form for Knowledge that says "Not Helpful". I basically just want a feedback form to be created and the end user sees a pop up prompt to fill in the comments.


      I thought I could use the $Prompt capabilities, but since the field is going to be a free text field instead of a pick list, I haven't been able to build the expression correctly. The best I've come up with is a quick action that looks like this

      2017-11-07 16_42_28-Ivanti Service Manager - Internet Explorer.png

      This is the expression for the following field update in the QA

      2017-11-07 16_41_54-Ivanti Service Manager - Internet Explorer.png


      Basically I want the button to make a new KB Feedback article and prompt the user to fill in the comments section of that new article. This set up I have above works, but the new article doesn't have the actual comments entered.