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    Environment Manager- Chrome, Sticky Notes, TaskBar, and GASMO tips needed.

    Eddie.Santana Apprentice

      I recently upgraded to 10.1 FR3. We use Physical PC, Citrix Xenapp (W2012R2 Shared Desktop) for Remote Access


      I am trying to capture the Setting needed to Roam.

      • Chrome (Just enough to keep users signed into Chrome, but not Roam the entire Userdata since it's large.)
      • Sticky Notes
      • Windows 10 Taskbar.
        • Possible to Roam onto W2012R2 (Citrix)?
      • GASMO (Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook).
        • Want to Roam setting but not local PST. Hoping the If user logs onto new PC, It will create if not exist.

      Any help is appreciated.