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    Failed to download (C:\ldprovisioning\SDClientHandler.sig)

    Dave Johnston Apprentice

      When using provisioning packages for complex software deployments, I am seeing an issue where some of the devices are failing to install any of the software packages that I have included in the template.  After closer inspection, I can see that none of the files for the software packages in the template are being downloaded, so when it tries to execute, it fails immediately.  I found an error in the ldprovisioning.log file -> Failed to download (C:\ldprovisioning\SDClientHandler.sig) <- that appears to be the issue, but I'm not sure how to go about resolving this.  Wondering if anyone else has seen this, or has any ideas how to troubleshoot further?  LDMS 2016.3 SU3


      2017-11-07 16:41:00(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Looking for existing file (C:\ldprovisioning\SDClientHandler.sig)

      2017-11-07 16:41:00(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Entering downloadbyproxy.

      2017-11-07 16:41:00(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Create process (C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\httpclient.exe) with args (  -f "C:\ldprovisioning\SDClientHandler.sig" http://mylandeskserver.com/LdLogon/Provisioning/windows/SDClientHandler.sig)

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Waiting for process result: 0.

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Process exit code:-1

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Failed to download (C:\ldprovisioning\SDClientHandler.sig)

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Informational: No sig file downloaded.

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Done with download handler.

      2017-11-07 16:41:01(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Launching action handler [SDClientHandler.exe] with parameters ["]

      2017-11-07 16:41:04(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:handler launched.

      2017-11-07 16:41:04(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:End of action - Distribute_software

      2017-11-07 16:41:04(8660-4724) ldprovision.exe:Reporting action status: 5 to core.

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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee

          Hey Dave,


          Lots of our provisioning handlers have .sig files that we use for security purposes. SDClientHandler doesn't have one. This is simply a red herring currently in the product currently that we expect to see. To further troubleshoot this, I would take a look at the SdclientHandler.log file or the SDCLIENT log file generated from the package and see if you can locate any errors in those logs.





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            Dave Johnston Apprentice

            Thanks for the response Aaron!  I logged a ticket with support, and the tech helping me with this issue mentioned the same thing about the missing SDClientHandler.sig being expected behavior and not a concern.  I tried digging through some of the other logs, but couldn't spot the issue with my untrained eyes, so I'm hoping the LD support person can narrow it down.  I'll be sure to update this thread with the resolution/workaround.