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    Change Management: Reason, Justification, BusinessFunction

    GregNash Rookie

      Hi all,


      We're starting to use Change, and also thinking to slate projects in Change prior to approval; a bit unclear about the handling of various kinds of "reason".

      First we want to identify the business driver, e.g. manage risk, reduce direct cost, save time, improve decisions (more accurate/timely reporting), customer satisfaction. I think this would fit in the "BusinessFunction" list, which currently contains "Vital", "Helpful", "Important". I'd see the existing values as covered by Impact, so no great loss.


      Then there's the reason for the change. There's two lists & tables available: ChangeReason and Justification.

      Justification contains:

      * Incident / Fault

      * Scheduled Maintenance

      * Enhancement

      - NULL

      - Unscheduled Maintenance

      - (None)

      - Release

      We could add "new application" or "new system/service".


      ChangeReason has the first 3 of those, except the first is called "Failure".

      The documentation says the the Justification field is to specify the Reason for the change. So what's ChangeReason for?


      Are we going to run into problems trying to use or change any of these lists in Change?


      There's also TypeOfChange which appears to mostly be about the scale & impact, as its selection determines which risk calculator is utilised. That's good.