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    Duplicate computer entry in network view (with same Device ID, same Device name, same NIC Address)


      We have installed new Core server with 2016.3U4 and we have migrated our clients, from 9.5 infrastructure, installing the new 2016.3U4 agent.

      This is working quite fine, but in some cases we have duplicated entry in the network view (all devices). The inventory of the two objects\PCs is identical and also checking in the DB we can see only one entry for that computer name.

      Also performing a Query to extract only the hostname of the duplicated PC, we receive two entry as result.

      LANDesk is set to remove duplicate ID, but seems this is not the case or this duplication is not recognized as duplicate ID\Device.

      A workaround is delete one of the two entry (and in this case also the other disappears) and wait a new inventory that will create only one correct entry.

      Does someone know the possible cause of this? or a better workaround\solution?


      Thank you in advance