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    Web Service Scripting console

    TransApps Apprentice

      In HEAT SM 2016.1.1 Help documentation there is a reference to 'console' where debugging messages for Web Service Scripting can be shown: console.fatal("This is a fatal message!"); How to get this console to show up? Is there a tool that allows to debug the scripts for REST calls for Web Service Connections? Thank you for any input!

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          lgtandi Specialist

          First, open the "Logging Configuration" workspace and make sure that the log level of the entry with service name "Script" is not set to "OFF", but at least to "FATAL" (or to a higher log level if you also want to have other calls to console methods to be logged to).


          Afterwards, this kind of log messages are shown in the "Logs" workspace  with a value of "ScriptAction" in the "Sub System Id" column.


          Hope this helps,


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            TransApps Apprentice

            Thank you AnDi for pointing me in a right direction! Script log level was set to ERROR, but HEAT SM was NOT logging anything in the last 3 weeks, even after I restarted Logging service a few times today. I will take it to Support and send an update once I have it working.


            Update: According to HEAT Support : "In 2016.1.1 the logging engine is only able to pick up the Logs from the flat files on the server once a day, typically at midnight, when the log files are rolled...

            2016.2.1 and beyond do support a more real time logging method where these files roll over once a minute rather than once a day.  The net result is that the Logs workspace is typically populated with each log within 3-5 minutes of the event."

            The flat file with console messages is AppServer.frslog.

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