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    Data Analytics and Adobe DC/2017

    kbrooks Apprentice

      I'm trying to get licensing counts for Adobe Acrobat, and of course in Adobe's infinite wisdom, they make this very difficult since Acrobat DC.


      There is a Data Analytics piece designed to read the SWIDTAG files and determine if the version is Pro or Std, however it does not work for me. So I am digging through it, and found that it is trying to find information here:


      Computer.Software.Configuration Files.File.File Data


      I don't have that entry in my system's inventories. So, I tried following instructions here on adding the .SWIDTAG into the CfgFiles in 'Manage Software List' and adding the *.SWIDTAG to the 'To be scanned' section, but I am still not seeing it pull from inventory scans. (yes, I did publish it to the clients)


      Does anyone have some ideas on how to get this going? I came across a couple articles from a few years ago, but they don't seem relevant any more.


      Currently on IEM 2017.3 SU1. And yes, I have the latest DataAnalytics patch downloaded.